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A hopeful future
Born in a very poor family Arulmani, an 18 year old girl, is pursuing her higher education in spite of all her hardships. She is pursuing a Diploma in Teacher’s Training (two years) in a reputed institute in Perambalur district. Her parents are agricultural labourers and daily wage earners. Having four girl children in the family, their two older daughters discontinued their education and were forced to become labourers in the textile industry at Tirupur for a very meager income in order to support the family. Arulmani also took up the same job in along with her sisters after completing her 12th standard even though she wanted to pursue higher studies. Field coordinators from World Vision India visited the family and came to know the about the plight of the family and the desire of Arulmani to study. With the motivation of the field coordinators from World Vision India she discontinued her work and with great enthusiasm decided to continue her education. World Vision India helped her identify an institution and helped her gain admission with a concession of 20% in the fees. Arulmani joined the course in the month of August and continues her education despite her inability to pay the term fees. Her family is also unable to support her. She needs Rs. 15, 000 to complete her course.
How has this gift changed their lives?

Arulmani will be able to complete her course with the donors contribution of Rs. 15000 towards her education through Real Gifts. Her desire to become a teacher is being fulfilled. Arulmani wants to bring up the children who are in a situation like hers with the education she had received and her career as a teacher. Arulmani’s desire to become a teacher is being fulfilled.


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