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What is Real Gifts?

What is Real Gifts?/Is Real Gifts a programme of World Vision India?
REAL GIFTS is a unique programme of World Vision India designed to meet specific needs of people in need in World Vision’s projects across India.

What do you mean by for Real People in/with Real Needs?
REAL GIFTS is designed to address the specific needs of people in World Vision’s projects across India. The people featured on the website are people from our projects who need assistance for specific needs. The needs could range from higher education assistance for a child, livelihood assistance for men and women, water tanks/infrastructure for a community.

Do the needs featured on the website actually represent the real needs of real people?
Yes, the people featured on REAL GIFTS website are people from World Vision’s projects across India who need assistance for specific needs. Through your support, you can help meet their specific needs. Your support will be used to meet their needs. You will also receive an update of how your support has helped address the real needs of real people.

How to donate?

How can I choose to donate to a need of my choice?
You can click on the needs featured on the REAL GIFTS website to read more about the need. You can then click on the DONATE NOW link to donate to the need of your choice. You will be directed to the payment gateway where you can make your donation in easy steps.

Can I donate any amount?
Yes, the donations you make are Tax deductible under section 80G.

Can I donate to multiple needs?
Yes, you can donate towards as many needs as you may want to. Please click on the featured needs on the websites to learn more about the need and how you can make a difference.

Can my friends and I join and donate to a particular need?
Yes, you can gift to a particular need along with your friends. This will be helpful in bringing more people to help people in need. This will also help us meet the needs faster.
You can encourage your friends to gift to a particular need on REAL GIFTS. We will send you an individual update of the impact of the gift.
If you would like to donate as a group, you can do that by collecting the gifts and donating in your name. We will send you the update once the gift is implemented and the need is addressed.

Track your donation

How will I know that my donation has reached the person/community in need?
When you make a donation on REAL GIFTS, we will give you a username/password for your account on REAL GIFTS.
Through this account, you can track your donations. This will also keep you updated on the various stages involved in implementation of the gift. When the gift is implemented completely, we will send you an update of the impact of the gift with a photograph of the person/people who received it.

Can I track my donation?/ what does "Track your donation” mean?
Yes. Real Gifts gives you the chance to track your donation from the time of donation, till the specific need is met through your support.
When you make a donation through Real Gifts, you will receive a username and password which will help you keep track of the status of your donation.
This will also give you the opportunity to keep track of the various stages involved in the implementation of the gift.
Once the need is met/implemented, you will receive an update of the gift with the photograph of the person/people/community you have helped.

When will the implementation of the need start?
The implementation of the need will commence as soon as we raise the needed funds through donations on REAL GIFTS.

About Needs

What are the broad categories of needs?
The major categories of need focus on Education, health care and nutrition, economic development assistance/income generation programme, needs of children with disabilities and others.
You can click on the “LOOKING FOR A SPECIFIC NEED” tab to know more about the various categories you can choose to donate towards.

Does my donation go to that specific need to which I have donated?
Yes, your donations will be used to meet the specific needs of the people who are featured on the Real Gifts website. You will receive an update when the individual/community receives the benefits through your donation.

Is there a possibility of using the money I had donated for a particular need to address other needs? In that case will WVI take my consent?
To a large extent, we strive very hard to use the resources to address the need for which it was donated.
But, if due to some unforeseen/unavoidable circumstances, (migration of the beneficiary to another place, death of the beneficiary, need becoming non-existent because of long waiting period… ), we are unable to implement the programme for that particular individual, then this possibility will arise.
On such rare occasions, we will let you know of the situation and inform you of the change in the need that will be addressed through your support.
But, even in such occasions, we do not encourage refund of the donations that were given for a particular need.

What will happen if a need is not completely met through donations from donors like me?
If a need is not completely met through donations on the Real Gifts website, we will pool in the donations along with funds from Real Gifts common fund to meet the need. This way, we ensure that the need is met even if we do not raise all the donations online.

For how long will a need appear on the website before it is removed?
A need will be featured on the REAL Gifts website till we raise the donations to meet it completely. If a need is not met through donations, we will continue featuring it for three months. After a period of three months, we will meet that need through the Real Gifts Common fund.

For corporate offices/ organizations

How can corporates/organisations take part in this project?
Corporate organizations can be part of the Real Gifts programme too. Please click on the “For Organisations” link under the “Pledge your support” tab to learn how you can support Real Gifts as a corporate partner.

Administrative Cost

What are the administrative/ implementation cost?
Real Gifts ensures to make the maximum impact through the resources we receive from our donors. We ensure that more than 85% of our funds reach people in need.
4% of all donations we receive will go towards the Real Gifts Common Fund. This fund helps us to meet the need of people whose needs have not been met by donors even after being featured on the website.
We strive to keep the administrative and implementation costs to 12%.

What is the RealGifts Common Fund?
Real Gifts Common Fund is a fund programme designed to meet the needs of the people whose needs have not been met through donations from donors. Whenever a donation is made on the Real Gifts website, 4% of the donation is set aside for the Real Gifts Common Fund. Also, if donation received for a need exceeds the goal amount, that amount will be transferred to the Real Gifts Common Fund. This fund enables us to meet the needs of people that have not been completely met through donations online. 

end faq

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